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"i'm not hipster, that's too mainstream"


"We don't care what people say. We know the truth. Enough is enough with this horse shit. I am not a freak, I was born with my free gun. Don't tell me I'm less than my freedom."
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Hoy cumple años la chica mas esquiva a los flashes que jamás he conocido! Pero se la quiere mucho a pesar de sus rarezas, porque es rara rara, mas rara que un perro verde. Yo no se que tiene pero (ya poniendome moñas) es una de esas personas que jamás olvidaré :’(  love u, jodida! FELICES 18 @amaiciel !!!!!! #birthday #18 #mayorrrr
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#18 #birthday #mayorrrr


Wow, how on earth did this get so many notes?!

I’m sorry for reblogging myself again but how the fuck has this got so many notes now?!
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"Nymphs and satyr"- Bouguereau (France)
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Yop #selfie #gafas #gaga ? #lennon ? #jister @julia_echelon
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#lennon #selfie #gafas #gaga #jister

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